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    This TikTok Video Has Been Viewed Over 2 Billion Times. Can You Guess Which One It Is?

    In the crowded world of social media platforms, TikTok stands head and shoulders above the rest. From viral dance trends to food challenges, the app is home to a seemingly endless supply of content. But amongst the thousands of videos, some do better than others, amassing millions or even billions of views.

    This TikTok Video Has Been Viewed Over 2 Billion Times. Can You Guess Which One It Is?

    @zachking Despite having my application to Hogwarts rejected, I managed to find another path to become a wizard. 🧹#illusion #magic #harrypotter ♬ Zach Kings Magic Broomstick – Zach King

    Known as the “king of illusion,” American Internet personality Zach King is one of TikTok’s most popular creators. Using his video editing skills and illusion techniques, King has created an array of entertaining and awe-inspiring videos that have garnered over 2 billion views on the platform.

    One of his most popular videos features kittens acting as Jedi, complete with lightsabers. The video quickly went viral and spawned multiple follow-ups with different themes. The most recent, Jedi Kittens Strike Back, has over 24 million views to date.

    Other videos from Zach King, like the blanket fort he built with his sons that magically transforms into a mountaintop camping trip, have also earned massive viewership. His most popular video on TikTok, however, is a simple trick that has been viewed over 2 billion times.

    In the clip, a man appears to walk on what seems to be a broomstick that is hovering above the ground. By the end of the video, viewers end up baffled by the magic.

    Another Zach King creation that made it onto the list is a wet paint illusion. In the clip, he dips his brush into a can of paint and begins painting. As he brushes the wall, the hallway begins to turn into a corridor — causing someone who walks into it into wet paint.

    While many people have a knack for creating viral videos, it takes a special kind of talent to captivate the internet and rack up millions or even billions of views. These 10 YouTubers and TikTok creators are able to do just that, with their videos receiving millions or even trillions of views on the popular platform.

    The second-most viewed TikTok of all time comes from makeup artist and influencer James Charles. His captivating video showcases his house before and after transforming it for the holidays. The stunning transformation and opulence captured in the video have left viewers in awe and envy.

    Zach King, an American internet personality and illusionist, wowed viewers with his Harry Potter-inspired illusion. He demonstrates that he’s the king of optical illusions by making it appear as if Harry Potter is coming through the bathroom door.

    A simple dance routine can go viral with millions of views on TikTok if done correctly. That’s exactly what happened to TikTok creator Jamie32bish. He posted a video of himself dancing to Nelly Furtado’s “Say It Right” in front of the mirror. His infectious and engaging routine quickly garnered massive attention, sparking a trend that lasted for years.

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