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    This Miracle Case Can Turn Your Apple Watch Into An iPod

    Paying massive homage to our ancient Apple ancestor and beloved Apple product, the iPod.

    Korean architect and designer Yeonosoo Kang have made a new functional add-on to the Apple Watch through his groundbreaking creation. This concept design was originally created for Caseology and is reported to be a non-functional case f0r the Watch Series 4.

    The casing is simple. It allows for the watch to morph into an iPod-mini style case, complete with a click wheel design – which isn’t really functional at the moment.

    While it is still in beta testing, the iPod Case is likely to be released. What do you all think? Cop or drop? Please comment below and in other technology and culture:

    Apple’s Highly Coveted Airpods Has A New Rival

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