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    ATL’s TheRealJimmyy Pays His Respects on “Legends Live Forever”

    They say legends never die. At first, I didn’t fully grasp the meaning behind those words. How can someone make a lasting impact when they’re no longer here? But as time went on, I began to understand the sentiment. And now, with that knowledge, I genuinely appreciate the homage that young artist TheRealJimmyy pays to legends on his latest project.

    Heartfelt Tribute

    Just recently, Jimmyy unveiled his new project titled “Legends Live Forever.” The title alone speaks volumes about the passion poured into this music. It’s evident that every track was crafted with a genuine and sincere heart. This project is Jimmyy’s dedication to all those who have influenced and shaped his life.

    While some of these individuals played significant roles and even saved him sometimes, I understand why he chose not to label them heroes. Heroes also possess immense influence, but legends leave an indelible impact that transcends time. Spanning 56 minutes with 21 tracks, “Legends Live Forever” allows listeners to witness Jimmyy in his element and delve into his struggles.

    The album commences triumphantly with “Old Feelings.” The delicate notes of the piano immediately signal an outpouring of raw emotions from Jimmyy, and he delivers exactly that.

    The piano, second only to the violin, can evoke profound feelings within a person. Jimmyy makes exceptional use of it in this tearjerker of a song, pouring his heart out through poignant lyrics about his life.

    Another standout track worth mentioning is the single “Let’s Ride,” featuring fellow Atlanta artist Noodah05, a talented signee of 4PF. It’s a perfect collaboration between two of Atlanta’s emerging young stars, effortlessly riding the beat with flawless chemistry.

    Setting the Foundation

    Overall, “Legends Live Forever” may not be the most groundbreaking project you’ll hear about in 2022, but it shows promise and lays the groundwork for something potentially great. Jimmyy will undoubtedly dominate the rap scene if he maintains the same hunger and intensity in his next release.

    Be sure to follow TheRealJimmyy on Instagram.


    1. If they could’ve seen the underground work ethic they would understand it’s bigger than just rap🦅

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