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    The Weeknd Returns To The Melodrama and Homphobia?

    Published sources share that The Weeknd will return to his brooding mood records in 2019.

    No more pop or slightly happy ‘elevator music’ for the latest release by The Weeknd. He claims his release Starboy gave off a musical impression that was not “him”. No actual public statement has been confirmed, but The Weeknd has posted on Twitter to address his loyal fans. Promotional campaigns for the latest record Chapter VI, as well as music video premier on Youtube an Vevo.

    “Lost In The Weekend” Mood Music Return for The Weekend

    But, it looks as though his new music is being met with some critical eyes as his lyrics are very homophobic. Specifically, his latest single “Lost in the Fire,” manages to fetishize and invalidate lesbian sex in one verse! So, is this the “real” Weeknd?

    He states:

    I’m tired of being home alone (Home alone)
    I used to have a girl a day (Girl a day)
    But I want you to stay (I want you to stay, hey)
    You said you might be into girls (Into girls)
    Said you’re going through a phase (Through a phase)
    Keeping your heart safe (Keepin’ your heart safe, oh)
    Well, baby, you can bring a friend (Bring a friend)
    She can ride on top your face (Top your face)
    While I fuck you straight (While I fuck you straight, yeah)

    Yikes! Hype Fresh readers, do you think?

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