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    The Weeknd Has Blessed Us With Visuals for ‘Party Monster’

    Yesterday, The Weeknd posted a picture on Instagram and said that he would be dropping the video for ‘Party Monster’ today. With that said, he surely did not let us down with that announcement.

    The video doesn’t disappoint with the colorful, trippy visuals and hard to understand plot– which features vocal assistance from Lana Del Rey, who unfortunately isn’t spotted in the video at all. With her vocals on this song, she links closely to his short film Mania.

    Instead, Zoe Aggeliki stars in ‘Party Monster’, directed by BRTHR. This would be The Weeknd and BRTHR’s second project together. BRTHR also directed “In The Night”, which sort of has the same colorful–old time vibe to it. Also with the sort of syntactic looking picture throughout the video, the visuals for ‘Party Monster” pairs well with the song’s slower tendencies while accompanying darker visuals.

    The video is filled with women with melting faces, flashing lights, animals jumping out of television sets, tearing apart cake and The Weeknd driving off a cliff. If you want you can be the judge and see which visuals you like the best.

    Check it out above!

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