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    The United States still Doesn’t Believe in the Right to Choose

    Eurocentric Hypocrisy

    American men and women have fearlessly served their country by engaging in multiple wars over time. All with the objective of bringing forth American civil liberties to people living outside its boundaries. Despite a long standing tradition of religious fundamentalism, Americans have a reputation abroad for being willing to embrace individualism in the form of freedom of expression.

    Many Americans observe the conservative practices of Islamic nations and conclude that they are too extreme and thus barbaric. But, what about the right to choose here in America? Those who serve or have served in the armed forces do so in an effort for foreign-born women to (be able to) express themselves as freely as any American woman can choose to.

    And how free are American women in the politically contested context that is a woman’s choice? Do women in the west dress how they want, or do they dress so men find them to be attractive? American men seem to only value women based on their desires to procreate, and maybe this is why American women are so often shamed for enjoying sex.

    Controversial Supreme Court Ruling

    The Constitution of the United States has been violated in order to cater toward one specific religion. How can the United States continue when its constitution allows for so many different versions of God? Even more importantly, how is it so difficult to understand why a woman would want to wear a hijab? In hindsight of the string of unprecedented and radical Supreme Court rulings, American military occupations feel more like missionary trips. The 2022 SCOTUS rulings revealed that the United States no longer is synonymous with the right to choose. And it’s the women of all nations who clean up the blood, and they are the ones who have to deal with the war-ravaged men at home.


    1. Some people who are still taking a long nap would be surprised to find out what the number one religion of U.S.A. actually is. Anyone care to guess?

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