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    The Shocking Truth About Hitler’s Addiction

    Adolf Hitler is a name that the whole world knows, associated with the Holocaust and World War II. In addition to his famous personality, history recalls Hitler’s drug addiction rumors. It was to medication.

    The country’s ruler, not just a dictator, was also a patient. Dr. Theodor Morell treated him with care. This “cocktail” included:

    • Opiates: Morphine and similar drugs for chronic stomach pain.
    • Stimulants: Cocaine to combat fatigue and depression.
    • Amphetamines: Possibly methamphetamine for alertness and energy.
    • Other Drugs: Sleeping pills, testosterone injections, and medications for various ailments.

    It is unknown how deep an addiction to drugs was rooted in Hitler. Most likely, they had to take them, especially opiates. This is indirectly confirmed by the convulsions of withdrawal in 1945. However, some historians, for example Norman Ohler in Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany, suggest assuming that problems with the psyche from Hitler’s habitual drug could have affected his tortured madness or unreasonable decisions in the course of World War.

    Dr. Morell, who widely advertised his vitamin injections, must be noted. Hitler, who believed Morell’s promises of eternal health, was satisfied with a daily injection of a “cocktail” made up of amphetamines, barbiturates, and opiates.

    Hitler’s drug intake is vast. The daily meth, hormone, and steroid shots, and the crystal meth of those years are well documented. From 1941 to 1944, Germany experiences a dramatic occurrence of substance consumption. In parallel, the state suffers its largest defeats in battles.

    People make up myths about Hitler; the adrenalin chemically obtained from him get known as “Adolfine”. But most of all, the representation of Hitler as a drug addict is justified against the rest of the myths.

    The entire detailed picture of Hitler’s health and Hitler’s drug addiction rumors is essential to know. This gives a wide kaleidoscope for new considerations of the behavior during the Second World War, adding a new side to the overall picture.

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