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    The most powerful attackers in Pokemon Go



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    Pokemon Go

    Pokemon Go has a dedicated and loyal community of gamers behind it. They attend various events, trade Pokemon, battle against each other, take down gyms together, and a whole lot more. Everyone has their favourite Pokemon characters for various things, such as attacking gyms, too.

    Pokemon It’s a smartphone release that has enabled people to get out and about and meet each other, but they also get closer to their favourite characters in the game as they walk around their local area with their favourite buddy on their shoulder in what is a truly unique augmented reality title. Other games boast extensive communities too. Fortnite and Minecraft gamers, for instance, will have communities. Even casino players will meet on forums to swap tips for hot slots like Drinks on the Beach. But rarely do they have the ability to actually meet up and take down a variety of gyms together. Pokemon Go is completely unique in that respect, which is why players who enjoy the game are still heavily invested in it. 

    One aspect of the game in which players are always striving to be the best is at gym battles and head-to-heads against other players, alongside raids too. The battle aspect of the game requires trainers to have the best attacking Pokemon in their arsenal in order to reign supreme. IV stats certainly come into play also, but there is no use in catching a 100% beast if it’s useless in a battle situation. Obviously, some Pokemon are better attackers than others.

    For example, Mewtwo is widely regarded as being the best Pokemon. It has a CP that can reach over 4,000 and boasts hugely effective legacy attacks such as Shadow Ball and Psystrike. On top of this, Mewtwo’s Confusion attacks cause serious damage against any opponent you come against. Even its fairly generic Psychic attack does the job against certain Pokemon on occasions also. 

    Shadow Mewtwo an attacking dynamo

    If you want to up the ante even further and cause even more damage, then Shadow Mewtwo, albeit fairly rare and hard to come by, deals around 20% more damage at the time of writing. The main reason this is the case is that the Shadow bonus boosts the Pokemon not just in an attacking sense, but in a defensive one also. If you can manage to add a Shadow Mewtwo to your attacking line-up, then you’ll be all the better for it. 

    Another powerful attacker in Pokemon Go is Metagross, especially when assessing the steel-type Pokemon. Meteor Mash is arguably its most devastating move, but Earthquake is just as scary to your rivals. If you can upgrade your Metagross to a Shadow Metagross, then you’ll enjoy the benefits of its additional power also.

    Machamp is a go-to option for many Pokemon trainers keen to take down gyms or win raids too. A solid and reliable attacker, Machamp boasts plenty of power and does well against many of the best defensive Pokemon, such as a Blissey. Counter Punch, Dynamic Punch, Cross Chop and Close Combat should all get the job done. 


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    Rayquaza has excellent attacking prowess

    Rayquaza is an excellent attacking Pokemon too. Obtainable through the completion of Legendary raids, if you can manage to get your hands on one, then you should feel more confident heading into any match-up. One of the most powerful dragon-types in the entire game; it’s only really vulnerable against ice-types. 

    A solid all-rounder, Kyogre offers both solid defence and a devastating array of attacking moves for any occasion. Hydro Pump and Surf can cause some serious damage, although Ice Beam – depending on what you’re up against – is a popular option also. Kyogre is a must-have Pokemon in the game. 

    Other great attackers in Pokemon Go are Salamence, Thundurus, Lucario, Rampardos, and Tyranitar.

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