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    Telfar Clemens Designs Uniforms For Liberian Athletes

    Telfar Clemens Pays Homage to Home Country 

    Telfar Clemens paving the way for a fashion win for the Liberian team.

    Don’t miss the opening ceremony of the 2021 Olympics on July 23rd to witness the future. Our runway. Thank you to @matadi and Kouty Mawenh. We are all ready and we have already won. 🥇🥇 #REPATRIATION.

    The post showed the new uniform with a blue and white color scheme. It has a star on the chest and the Olympics logo on the sleeves. The design is unisex, featuring a one-shouldered tank and track pants/shorts, according to the New York Times.

    Clemens Embracing the Opportunity

    Although Clemens is new to the performance wear game, he jumped at the opportunity to work in the category. The performance wear lane was one that Clemens hoped to explore. In addition, he agreed to his brand sponsoring the national team, which involves covering its food and traveling expenses.

    Clemens told the New York Times that he was on board with designing the uniforms and being a sponsor almost right off the bat, as the sponsorship is the largest outside investment Telfar has made. The report claims that he and artistic director Babak Radboy had been wanting to work on athletic clothing for a bit.

    “They might have been surprised by some of it,” Clemens said. “But I haven’t heard a no. Just excitement.”

    The Telfar Collection Debut

    Clemens shares that the collection will debut during the Olympics. In addition. he will make a limited collection of athletic wear available on his website, with other “evergreen” workout wear dropping in September.

    The world can experience something wild, something that cannot be found elsewhere. 

    Fans must tune in to the Olympics to see the uniforms and purchase their own athletic gear after the games. 


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