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    Houston’s Startheonly1ne Finishes Strong With “Question Is?” Music Video

    I wish there was a such thing as a rapper handbook. Because there are so many small things that artists overlook that would contribute to their ultimate goal. One of the major aspects I see artists struggle with is their project rollout. It’s not too many artists like Startheonly1ne that know how to roll out a project from start to finish.

    Just two weeks ago, the Houston artist dropped “Fleeting Moments”. This sped-up project was intended to be something that would hold listeners over til his next big release drops sometime in December. Wanting to end his rollout with a bang, he gifted fans one last video for the single, “Question Is”.

    H-Town Legend In The Making

    Ending the rollout with a video, right before starting a new one, is somewhat bold. But that’s how confident Star is in his talent. Being someone already familiar with his discography, I can assure you that is sonically ahead of his years. Even fellow Houston native, Travis Scott himself had to recognize his talent and give his stamp of approval. So best believe he showed up on “Question Is”.

    Solo Dolo
    Like he says, he says in the hook, “I can do this shit on my own”. He’s right. He doesn’t need any assistance for him to be able to pop his collar. In the video, you get to see him dominate the screen with his explosive charisma. Visually, the video was shot as if the cameraman was rocking night-vision goggles to add to his dark mystique.

    If other artists want to find success, they have to find a way to build out their rollout, just like Star did. Watching his new video has me even more excited about his new release in December.

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