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    Ariana Grande Mesmerizes as Catwoman in ‘The Boy is Mine’ Music Video

    Ariana Grande’s recent music video for the song “The Boy is Mine” is a creative masterpiece that showcases her talent and versatility. The music video is directed by Mr Christian Breslauer. The storyline is set in a city similar to Gotham. Ariana Grande transforms into Catwoman to capture the heart of a hunky mayor. The mayor, played by ‘Gossip Girl’ star Penn Badgley.

    The music video forAriana Grande – The Boy Is Minestarts in a city with a dark and gloomy atmosphere. A voice-over criticizes Mayor Max Starling, who was elected into office this week because they say they sincerely don’t believe she can bring any significant change to the litany of problems the city faces. The scene unfolds around people in a panicked rush about a newfound rat infestation that’s happened.

    cameos from Brandy and Monica
    VIA-YouTube/Ariana Grande

    Mayor Max Starling strides into a mic to address a press conference where city residents are told about an ongoing and relentless problem of city rats that cause disease and collapse the city infrastructure. Not mincing words, he will announce the extraordinary operation: releasing a horde of starving stray cats into the streets to fight and defeat the rat population. The plan was met with a mix of admiration and skepticism from the crowd.

    Mayor Max Starling
    VIA-YouTube/Ariana Grande

    The video simply involves a performance by Ariana Grande, who is changed into an elegant and fierce cat woman. After that, she prowls in a catching feline costume, well unleashing her new powers to address the number of rats in the city. She moves with much elegance, yet feral-like motions, around dark alleys and rooftops, leading with agility and precision as she mobilizes the stray cats around the city to rid it of the vermin.

    ariana to be a fierce cat woman
    VIA-YouTube/Ariana Grande

    As she fights off the rats, Ariana sings the complex love story, interlocking personal difficulties with the fight the city puts up with its pest problem. The lyrics consider ideas about desire and possession, with Ariana confessing her feelings for a boy who seems to belong to someone else. Her raw emotions shine through the powerful vocals she outputs, fitting just well with the equally intense and dynamic visuals of the video.

    The video also includes several interesting elements:

    • The city’s gritty and dimly lit setting contrasts with Ariana’s vibrant and commanding presence.
    • Moments of high-energy action are interspersed with scenes of Ariana’s more reflective and intimate performances.
    • A subplot unfolds, showing the mayor and his team monitoring the situation, hinting at possible complications or unexpected outcomes of their plan.

    Apart from Ariana Grande and Penn Badgley, the video also features cameos from Brandy and Monica. They play news reporters who introduce the mayor ahead of a press conference. Their presence adds a touch of nostalgia, as Ariana’s song “The Boy is Mine” was inspired by Brandy and Monica’s 1998 hit of the same name.

    arianas new music video ending scene
    VIA-YouTube/Ariana Grande

    Ariana, as Catwoman, crafts a love potion in hopes of winning over his heart. The video ends with a charming black-and-white outro with the pair enjoying their life together with cats.

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