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    Here For The Tea Social Media Influencer Passes Away In Her Sleep

    Samanta RabinowitzSocial Media top influencer, Samantha Rabinowitz of Here For The Tea passesd away. Keeping a low profile, her followers and fans didn’t even know how she looked, according to She The People. 

    In last two years, friends and family are scuffling to cope with so much death and doom. The pandemic, COVID-19 hit America by storm, killing roughly 5 million people, according to National Geographic. As death becomes a new norm, citizens live on edge, waiting for the next devastating phone call.

    YouTube, a platform for influencers to influence people all over the world allow us to get to know them on an up close and personal level. They allow us to invade their personal lives and their own endeavors and travels. Fans, tuning in everyday attach themselves to the glamour and glitz of their favorite influencers. They adopt a sense of connection to them, so when tragedy hits, it becomes personal.

    What We Know about Samantha Rabinowitz’ Death

    The late YouTuber is behind Here For The Tea, creating delivering delicious paradigms of fashion and makeup.

    The mysterious unreasonable death of the influencer remains unknown. However, sources confirm that her passing happened peacefully during the night in her slumber. Shock aroused fans to write heartfelt benevolences to the creator with tweets, Instagram tributes and comments.

    Rabinowitz’ older sister, Lisa Greenspoon, took to Instagram to relay the news to her fans.

    “With great sadness and a heavy heart, I must share this news about my younger sister, Sam.” She passed away peacefully in her sleep.”

    On Nov. 2, Samantha addressed her absence after a short hiatus. She revealed that she learned of some devastating news, but did now share specific details. She apologized to her fans, promising new content on Nov. 8.

    Social Media Influencers

    They are humans just like everyone else. They experience depression, heartbreak, and mental health issues too. Yes, we look forward to fresh content; however, we must understand that there is nothing like taking care of your mental health. Even if that means occasionally disappointing fans.

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