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    SneakerBuyers Is Miami Go To Footwear Store

    When you are in Miami, you can expect to indulge in good food, exquisite night life and high end fashion. One Miami shoe store that is impacting the culture is a brand by the name of SneakerBuyers™. Created to be an avenue to the counterfeit market looking for a new way to get authenticate goods, SneakerBuyers is located in heart of Miami. You ever wanted to buy and sell high end sneakers? This is the place to go to! It is the easiest way to find and buy sneakers in South Florida, from Adidas, Nike, to Palace and Supreme, the list of brands in this store is endless.
    SneakerBuyers is located in heart of Miami
    As the SneakerBuyers mission is to help people find and buy the streetwear products they love, this is Black owned business making change in the community. I had the pleasure of catching up with one of the owners of SneakerBuyers for a candid interview. Check it out below.
    Sneaker Buyers Interview

    Sneaker Buyers Interview 

    When did sneaker buyers start? How did it get started? Where did the name come from?

    Sneaker Buyers was made a store front in 2014 in Miami, Florida. As a result of lack of a place to sell sneakers in the Miami area, the owners decided to create a space where people in the community can buy and trade sneakers. At the time there were only consignment stores doing that, so Sneaker Buyers came in to fill that void. A lot of the consignment stores at that time were taking off with the shoes people were consigning with them.  It made the sneaker community here in Miami not trust sneaker consignment stores. We wanted to offer them an option to get cash out for your sneakers right away at market value.

    What has been the most memorable moment since starting sneaker buyers?

    Going to the sneaker shows before we opened a store.

    How long have you been in the Wynwood Miami area?

    We have been in the Wynwood area of Miami since January 1st 2019.

    What inspired you to join this business?

    What inspired me to create the store was the idea of having something that I created from scratch, from the names to the concept and bringing it to life for the people to enjoy.

    What is the future for sneaker buyers?What are sneakerBuyers short-term goals? Long-term goals?

    My goal for the upcoming year is to expand the store and to upgrade the technology to give my shoppers and buyers a more hands on experience. 

    Any brands, companies or celebrities want to work with or collaborate with?

    There are no current brands or people we are interested in working with just yet. The cool thing is that a lot of celebrities actually stop by the store low-key. 

    What is one of sneaker buyers greatest accomplishment?

    One of our greatest accomplishments was opening the store. It has provided a safe place for people to buy, sell and trade sneakers safely. We are the only company that is doing this!

    Follow the official SneakerBuyers Instagram @sneakerbuyers and visit the official website here.

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