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    Shein Is Unsustainable: It’s Time To Stop Supporting The Brand

    Would you rather spend 35 dollars on a T-shirt or 5 dollars? Probably the latter. 

    While financially appealing, fast fashion is one of the biggest contributors to climate change. Consequently, Shein, the popular fashion brand, is completely unsustainable. Along with this, Shein constantly copies the designs of smaller businesses and profits from them.  Shein represents everything wrong with the fashion industry and is a direct result of poor and unethical practices. In addition, there are claims that their products contain lead.

    Tiktok Trends


    Tiktok Trends
    #sheinhaul trend on Tiktok

    A popular trend on Tiktok shows people ordering Shein clothing in copious amounts and doing a “Shein Haul”. This kind of behavior only perpetuates the situation and furthers Shein’s profit. Additionally, many Tiktok users claimed their Shein clothing and packaging come with cries for help from clothing manufacturers. Some users have posted their clothing with the words “help” on them. These claims are yet to be verified. 

    Why Do So Many People Support An Unethical Company?

    Why Do So Many People Support An Unethical Company?
    Shein working conditions

    The easy answer is: Shein is dirt cheap. Their prices ultimately keep customers coming back. Despite multiple claims against the company’s unethical practices, it’s very easy for Shein to continue to make a profit. A large portion of the clothes bought from Shein contribute to landfills, perpetuating a cycle of waste. According to Wired, Shein updates its site every day, adding about 6,000 new styles. 

    Cultural Appropriation

    On multiple occasions, Shein practiced cultural appropriation through some clothing designs. Influencer Nabela Noor called out Shein for cultural appropriation in a tweet that read: “My culture and religion is not a trend or something to rebrand and sell.” This is just one instance of cultural appropriation from Shein. The brand is also accused of selling a swastika necklace. The brand apologized for their “mistake” and quickly took the item down. Along with this, Shein sold Islamic prayer mats and branded them as “Trim Floral Carpets.” Outraged by Shein’s utter ignorance, many people quickly pointed out their flaws. In response to the complaints, Shein issued an apology and took the items down. 

    Cultural Appropriation
    Tweet from Nabela Noor

    A conversation regarding Shein’s ethics surfaced on Twitter. People shared their personal opinions about the brand. Experts have warned that high amounts of lead were found in Shein clothing. 

    According to Cord Harrington, Shein’s clothing contains lead.

    “Many other brands also have lead in their clothes! Why do you always single out Shein?”

    If you’re aware of other brands using lead, uranium, mercury, or anything similar, please share them in the thread.

    Cultural Appropriation
    Tweet From Cora Harrington

    Aside from the unethical production of clothes and possible metal contamination, Shein as a brand manipulates and controls young individuals. The Tiktok trends like #sheinhaul coupled with influencers vouching for the brand easily manipulate young children into buying it. As someone who has bought Shein before, the clothes are cheap and not worth the small price tag. To combat climate change and alter the way we view fashion, we must purchase from small businesses and support ethical brands. It’s time to stop Shein and other unsustainable, unethical brands. 


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