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    Sephora Unviels Racial Bias Changes To Address Black Shoppers

    Makeup chain Sephora is making major changes to make Black Shoppers more comfortable.

    The next time you google “Sephora near me,” prepare to see a conscious effort to keep black people happy. The international makeup brand is changing its marketing, employee training, and merchandise in the name of equality.

    At least that’s what the company is saying is prompting these changes. Chief marketing officer Deborah Yah recently addressed the new company policies during an interview stating: “Discrimination and unfair treatment are woven into institutions across America, and retail is not excepted.” 

    In making such a statement, Yah exposes a truth about industries in America entirely that they are inherently racist. However, this information is not new to black Americans nor companies like Sephora.

    Sephora’s proposed changes include fewer security guards, doubling the number of “black brands,” and more. The two questions that black people need to be asking themselves right now are; 1) why now 2) who do these changes really help.

    At first glance, it is easy to applaud Sephora for making changes with Black consumers in mind. After nearly a year of protest, riots, and a borderline civil war, it is nice to see a company appear to listen to the people.

    The truth is we live in a capitalistic society, and every action must be judged in that Light.

    Upon further inspection, this plan is nothing more than an attempt to secure Sephora’s slice of the black community’s annual $1billon hair skin and nails budget. Even more, None of the measures were taken to address the equity of the black community nor education.

    Sephora’s racial bias plan is nothing more than a marketing plan to stabilize or increase a companies profits and should be seen as just that.

    What are your thoughts on Sephora’s racial bias plan? Do you believe it’s really in the interest of black people?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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