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    Sameera Khan Slammed for Ashley Graham Tweet: Poor Men Like Fat Women

    Miss NJ giving Ashley Graham more shine

    In a since deleted tweet, model and Miss New Jersey winner Sameera Khan tweeted how studies show that poor, stressed out men prefer fat women like Ashley Graham, and that wealthier men prefer slender women like Irina Shayk. As you’ve probably already guessed Twitter was set ablaze with backlash towards Khan for the tweet.

    She definitely got the knee jerk reactions that she was looking for

    The Pakistani journalist met all kinds of criticism for her tweet, with people labeling her post “hateful.” Interestingly, a lot of the people who spoke out in disapproval of her “hate” then proceeded to send genuine hate towards her in the same breath.

    Lets analyze Khan’s “hate filled” tweet:

    There were a few aspects about the tweet that were bound to be triggering. The first red flag was her questionable word choice, saying ‘poor’ men and ‘fat’ women compared to ‘wealthier’ men and ‘slender’ women. She was bound to upset many twitter users with her blunt approach towards one side of the spectrum, but a more professional approach towards the other. She was also bound to receive backlash for anything on the subject of body types that didn’t promote fat positivity. Anything that doesn’t support and encourage overweight body types, which are proven to be unhealthy, is almost guaranteed to be labeled as hatred. Another problem Khan faces is the fact that she repeatedly pushes the buttons of everyday citizens with her comments that are widely considered bold, brash, and offensive. It’s safe to say that, given her history with politics and touchy subjects, there are many people who have been waiting for her to make another post that they don’t agree with.

    But was her tweet false?

    After doing a little research myself, it turns out she did not make this up. Studies have indeed found that poor and stressed out men prefer a larger body type on average. It also turns out that the stressful environment can change a man’s body preference in the woman almost instantly. A controlled test which featured a large group of men yielded surprising results.

    The men who were in a stress free environment preferred, on average, a woman within a healthy BMI, a healthy weight relative to the woman’s height. Another group of men participated in a “stress test.” After the participants were stressed out, their preferred average body type was that of an overweight woman, well past the healthy body weight on the BMI scale.

    This study also showed that these stressed out men were generally more accepting of all body types, as they gave a higher rating to a wider range of body types overall. The studies concluded that not only does a man’s mental state influence his body preference, but the effects can very well take place almost immediately.

    Though in her tweet, Khan also neglected to put key words like “usually” and “on average” which lead many twitter users to disagree while referencing themselves as proof; as if their one example of an exception disproves the majority consensus. So despite the research backing Sameera Khan’s tweet, many people were quick to disagree and talk about how much they themselves love fat women.

    I wonder what Ashley Graham’s husband thinks about this whole ordeal. I also want to know what you think, so drop a comment!

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