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    Riots Shut Down France… Potential to Explode!

    France is on fucking lockdown right now!

    Riots across the nation are closing down museums, shops, music festivals, sports events, even the Eiffel Tower for fear of damage and public health. The demonstrations occur over French President Emmanuel Macron’s fuel tax hike, a decision he reversed as of last Wednesday.

    According to sources, protestors believe the tax hike favors the wealthy. Yet despite the tax hike’s reversal, police still expect riots during the weekend because of other protestor demands.

    So far, 130 citizens were injured and 412 have been arrested–numbers that haven’t been seen in decades. This has led to vandalism, fires, and fights between police and citizens have been recorded by social media and news outlets. To handle the potential weekend riots, France will deploy 89,000 officers (8,000 in Paris alone).

    What do you think? Are the people right to behave this way? Do you think the riots are going too far?


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