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    Rick & Morty Season 4 Episode 5 Review

    Rick & Morty Take Midseason Break

    Here is a Rick & Morty season 5 episode 4 review. Sadly it is that time again. The first five episodes of Rick & Morty season 4 have come and gone. The midseason break has kicked off and fans are back to waiting for some new content.

    The fourth season stuck with a routine of parodying classic movie tropes in each episode. Overall this season could have been better, but it was still able to succeed in delivering quality content. The most recent episode was one of the better ones from this season.

    Rick & Morty Season 4 Episode 5 Review

    This episode is titled “Snakes And A Plane” and features a number of typical Rick & Morty themes. These include Jerry embarrassing himself, Morty making mistakes while still being entertaining, and Rick acting in his typical asshole fashion.

    Jerry Is Still Embarrassing Himself

    Like most episodes, this one begins with what are seemingly simple occurrences proceeding to affect the rest of the show’s plot. Jerry is found initially struggling to put up lights. Morty brings up that he is simply out there on behalf of Beth’s request, in order to make sure Jerry doesn’t kill himself.

    This seems like a quick joke but ends up being far too true. Rick attempts to help Jerry by making him light and buoyant, with heavy shoes to weigh him down. After losing one of his shoe’s Jerry floats around for the rest of the episode. Almost dying a number of times and only saving himself by taking down a whole plane in the process.

    This only goes to further show how sad yet still funny Jerry’s existence is. The man somehow almost dies when putting up Christmas lights, and would rather see his own demise than once again embarrass himself in the eyes of his wife.

    Rick Is Still An Asshole

    In typical fashion, this episode sees Rick being smart, honest, and an asshole all at the same time. When analyzing the snake’s planet in this episode Rick notices that the whole planet is on the brink of war due to race. He goes to remark how absurd it is to think that snakes would really attempt to judge each other off of color. Although this isn’t the hardest analogy, it is an example of this show being able to point out obvious flaws within our own society.

    Another classic occurrence featured in this episode is Rick harshly giving Morty advice that he ignores. The beginning of the episode features Rick and Morty getting a flat tire in space.

    Morty ends up getting bit by a space snake after ignoring Rick’s advice to not replicate another space-movie trope. This specific one has to do with two astronauts leaving a ship and shit hitting the fan, such as can be seen in Gravity. Much of the remainder of the episode focuses on space snakes and is still pretty damn entertaining.

    Apparently Space Snakes Are Funny

    After Morty accidentally kills the snake that bit him, he learns that it was the first snake astronaut who also happened to be a woman. In attempts to fix the situation, Morty replaces the dead snake with one he buys from a pet store. Just as most of Morty’s ideas this does not go according to plan.

    The proceeding scenes follow snakes dressed like humans and reenacting classic scenes from sci-fi movies. This includes war generals making serious phone calls, professors going from writing on chalkboards to being involved with top-secret cases, all with no spoken English. One is only met with sounds of hisses but the scenes are so familiar that one is able to recognize or assume what’s occurring. These might not seem like the funniest things when being described in text like this, but for some reason seeing snakes performing familiar tasks in suit and ties is entertaining.

    Final Thoughts

    The fifth and final episode of Rick & Morty before the mid-season break succeeded in delivering a quality episode. Overall these first five episodes could have been better. A commitment to 70 episodes along with not taking two-plus years in between seasons could lead to the jokes not necessarily hitting as hard.

    But personally I am just happy at the thought of shorter breaks in between new episodes. Rick & Morty still succeeds in being quite funny and unlike any other show on television. When there is so much attention on a series like this it can be hard to live up to expectations. But at least they didn’t pull a Game Of Thrones and completely ruin the show.

    How do you guys feel though? Do you agree with this Rick & Morty season 5 episode 4 review?  Do you think there will be new episodes in the near future? Did this season deliver or could it have been better?

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