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    Rick And Morty Season 4 Starts Up Again

    Back At It Again
    Rick and Morty is a show that has always been one to throw its audience a curve ball. From its insane science fiction video visuals to its satire of real life issues, the show has always given its viewers something to look forward to. So fans were very disappointed a few months ago when season four was stopped at the midpoint.

    Rick And Morty Season 4 Starts Up Again

    Luckily for fans, the show only stay away for a little while. Because on Sunday Rick and Morty aired the second half of season four. The episode has a lot of twists and turns and offer a very unique humor from the themes and the dialogue that Rick Sanchez delivers. With five more episodes of this season left, fans have been waiting week after wee for the show to start up again. They chose to start this again at the perfect time to. With the coronavirus going around, this is a perfect way to keep people in the house and practice social distancing.

    The show even took a jab at the fact that we are in quarantine right now. There are only five episodes left for this season. So If you have yet to start Rick and Morty, you can stream it via Hulu. You might as well start the show, it’s not like we have anything else important to do

    how do you guys feel about Rick And Morty starting up again?. Feel free to tell us your thoughts on the comments section below. Let us know what future content you would like to see us cover. And as always, stay safe and have a good day.

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