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    Reebok and Iverson To Pay App Fees For HS Students

    Reebok and Allen Iverson Announced they will cover college application fees.

    Reebok and Allen Iverson are celebrating the release of the origins pack by agreeing to help high school students apply for college. The sneaker company will cover the application cost of 400+ students of Iverson’s Alma Mater Bethel High School. Additionally, select students from across the country will also have a chance to have their fees covered as well.

    In a statement, Iverson had this to say about the announcement. “You should apply to any school you want. Through Reebok’s support, application costs for rising seniors at Bethel High will be covered. My goal is for the next generation of game-changers to view college as a path to success, regardless of their aspirations, be it in the arts or medicine.”

    Reebok even put together a short film featuring rising seniors of Bethel High School rocking the “Bethel” Answers V and “Georgetown” Questions Mid.

    Furthermore, starting today, students from across the country can go to to apply to have their fees to be covered.

    Via Reebok.

    “Iverson credits his journey from high school to college as putting him on the path to reaching incredible heights in sport and culture. When Reebok and Iverson first conceived of the Origins Pack, they understood that the best way to celebrate this moment in Iverson’s life was to give a new generation the opportunity to change the game, just as Iverson did.”

    High school seniors across the country are gearing up to get ready to make a significant decision.

    College enrollment rates are down across the country, and the topic of college access is heating up. Sadly, one of the most significant barriers to college for low-income students is application fees. However, the real problem is college graduation/retention, not enrollment.

    The national graduation rate for low-income first-generation college students is about 11%. Meaning that nearly 9 out of 10 students who enroll in college will not make it to graduation. While the gesture to pay for application fees is admirable, the fact that these students will need much more support is just a fact. Student loan debt is at an all-time high, and Low-income students are at more risk to incur more liability.

    What will happen to these students once they get into school, who will help them pay for books/supplies, room, and board, travel, etc.? Unlike Iverson, most of these students will not be able to leave college after two years to sign million-dollar contracts. Instead, most will attend college for multiple semesters only to have to drop-out due to financial, social, or cultural barriers. Yet, the schools will remain open and continue to operate to maintain the status quo, enrollment over graduating.

    What do you guys think about Reebok and Allen Iverson paying application fees, though? Could and should they be doing more? Or are they doing enough by helping?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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