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    Recent Songs About Weddings For Post-Modern Marriages

    Weddings do still have a place in society today. Although, it may be shocking for those with more traditional sensibilities to see. As PARTYNEXTDOOR puts it in the song “Let’s Get Married”, “make it feel like forever/When it’s temporary!”

    1. “A Love For Me”

    Ed Sheeran honestly describes the feelings he is experiencing from the point of view of a groom seeing his bride looking absolutely beautiful on their wedding day. “I see my future in your eyes.”

    2. “I Do”


    Falling in love can be terrifying. Katy Perry knows this, but she is finally able to share herself freely with her fiancé. “It’s so easy to surrender/When you finally find forever!”

    3. “I Gotchu”

    “Baby, I’ve been making plans!” Wale is getting married so he can share his plan for the future. The wedding is one of the first of these plans.

    4. “We give the glory to you God!” 

    “It’s true God, this union was for you.” As a rapper who is also a Christian, Chance the Rapper’s music can serve as a reminder of the promises made to a higher power when taking a sacred vow. Chance the Rapper keeps his marriage problems in perspective by giving thanks to his higher power.

    5. “A Reason To Be”

    “And I live so I can die with you.” Weddings are so morbid and dramatic. The Carters are one of the hottest couples of the 2000s.

    Which song about marriage is your favorite? Which lyrics give you butterflies? Let us know in the comments.


    1. What Steinfeld said about marriage: “comparing it to a roller coaster ride and at the top of the first hill, is the wedding and when you get to the top, you are just screaming… It’s like any growth, you can’t be ready for.”
      I disagree. We choose to be married (hopefully it’s a free will decision and you are not being “married off” by your father and mother) and I think you can definitely prepare for what comes after that first scream. You can work on yourself. You can make yourself whole so that when you meet your other half, you are better prepared- more healthy, less broken. There are lots of other ways to prepare as a unit/partnership : go to pre-marital counseling and work some things out before they become bigger issues (look at how the two of you approach different life tasks), problem solve ahead of the time where there are issues or differences, learn how to conflict resolve in healthy fashions, learn stress management techniques, and definitely learn what the other person’s love language is and if it is foreign then learn how to speak it, etc….. Add to that what, Chance the Rapper believes, and ALWAYS give it to a higher power because we all know (or should know) that we can never change another person…. BUT we can PRAY that he/she does! God through the scriptures clearly illustrates to us, what a Godly marriage looks like. and how to establish, maintain and further grow it for the blessing it is supposed to be. But the reason so many marriages fall apart is due to a worldly approach to marriage. Too much focus on the individual versus a focus on the marriage as a unit. Too much selfishness and too many expectations of what marriage is truly about. Understand beforehand, what you are getting into and who you are marrying because it’s supposed to be “till death do us part.”

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