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    Recap of RHOA Season 12 Episode 13: Tamar Accuse Todd and Kandi of Threatening Her

    Episode 13 was a whirlwind of madness! Yall I mean Tamar really accusing Todd and Kandi of threatening her.

    Tamar Accuses Kandi & Todd Of Threatening Her

    In the latest episode of RHOA, Tamar accused Kandi and her husband Todd of threatening her by saying they’ll have “nothing to do with” her if she leaves the show. The alleged threats came after Bravo revealed that the network plans to bring back the franchise with an all-new cast.

    Porsha Accuses Kandi of Knows Dirt on Her Ex-Boyfriend Dennis McKinley

    The RHOA star and her former castmate fought a war of words during the season 9 reunion after Porsha found out that Kandi had told her about the “drug plan” between Kandi and Todd. The fight was a major blow to Porsha’s already-tense relationship with Kandi, and it ended up costing her a reunion appearance.

    Teresa Accuses Melissa of Being a Gold Digger

    The feud between these two sisters brewed into a heated argument after Teresa referred to her as a “prostitution whore” and said she was “f–king engaged 19 times.” This sparked another showdown during season 10 after she and her sister-in-law, Jacqueline Giudice, got into an argument about stripper-gate, a rumor that she was a stripper in the past.

    Both of them eventually made up, but it took a while before the pair were able to make a genuine friendship. The two women also got into a tense battle in season 11 when Teresa questioned Melissa’s commitment to her family and a rumor that she cheated on Joe with a stripper.

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