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    Rappers Abroad: A Hip-Hop Playlist About European Cities

    For these ex-pat rappers, holiday fun isn’t all sun and smiles. These hip-hop artists highlight the grit of transatlantic travel. HypeFresh presents your Eurocentric pro-Black hip-hop playlist. Here are six rap songs about major cities in Europe.

    World Tour’s like War

    The European cities hip-hop playlist starts off with Lupe Fiasco. He emphasizes that some endure the urge to leave words behind and fully embrace language. It’s all about human connection. “Tell her everywhere that I’ve been/And everything that I’ve done/And tell her that she’s the one!”

    Plane Just Landed in Heathrow

    In Shakespearean style, J. Cole has coined a new name for our economic system. A “cop it-alist” is basically a very fly capitalist. Leave it to J. Cole to create a mind-blowing phenomenon.

    Yeah, Baby

    Fetty Wap transports women with his sensitivity and his weed. Being in his feelings keeps him fly. “Got my heart on my sleeve, I be over it, baby!”

    Gold Grill Gleamin’!

    $uicideboy$ present the grimy side of vacation. “Real sick! Don’t talk sh*t!” They always tend to wreak havoc when far from home.

    Pickin’ Up the Pieces!

    “Off the fertilizer, n**** growin’ now/I mean, enterprisin’!” You don’t need a bedroom to brood. Mick Jenkins prefers to experience his angst in Spain.

    Been Around the World! I’m Back Now!

    A light-hearted mumble rap jam. This video game inspired beat is perfect for mindlessly wandering. “Woke up in Paris!”

    Do your adventures make you feel more resilient? Which city in Europe inspires you? Can you relate to any of these rapper’s experiences in the hip-hop playlist? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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