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    R. Kelly Announces Overseas Tour, He’s Getting Desperate

    The piece of shit known as R. Kelly, has been in the news a lot lately.

    For many decades the singer has been able to get away with a lot of funny business. At one point it was confirmed that Kelly was married to the late Aaliyah, who was 15 years old at the time. Later on, his lawyer said he didn’t know Aaliyah was 15 when he married her.  It wasn’t long before plenty of people started to hear rumors of what kind of monster the performer was. Furthermore, many people started to see that the gifted singer had demons that had no desire to be controlled.

    Despite several cases, R. Kelly has worked with some of the most polished artists in the game. Even as far as writing many hits from of your most favorite singers. In late July of last year, R. Kelly dropped a new song to address decades of accusations. After the claims recirculated, celebrities started to speak out regarding working with the artist. It was even shared that Beyonce’s father said “Fuck No!” to Destiny’s Child working with R. Kelly. Overall it seems more and more that Kelly’s word held little value.

    Tarnished Reputation

    Due to the hot topic over if R. Kelly dated underage women, it seems as though his back is up against a wall. Last week it was announced that the artist “Raw Is War”, on ex girlfriend Halle Calhoun at club. Because of the negativity surrounding the singer his record label, along with attorney has dropped him as a client. However, that’s not stopping the entertainer from cashing in. It has been announced that the singer will be touring overseas for the next phase of his career. A #muterkelly movement started after Lifetime released a documentary surrounding victims from all walks of life. R. Kelly says that he will sue lifetime over the documentary

    Do you still listen to R. Kelly? How long before he’s placed behind bars??

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