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    Pride Month Goes Digital 

    How has Pride changed during COVID?

    pride month goes digital
    Last week was the anniversary of one of the worst mass shootings in US history claimed 49 lives at a Florida gay bar, the Pulse Shooting. During that time, the community was going through a hard time and on the national LGBTQ+ Pride month. For them, it felt wrong to celebrate, because so many members of the community were grieving or have passed away due to the shooting. However, the celebration went on with parades happening all around the United States. 

    With the virus canceling almost everything, the Pride celebrations continue. The event will happen differently to ensure everyone stays safe, they will continue virtually through applications like Skype and zoom. 

    Why are celebrations important during this time? 

    With the virus and the Black Lives Matter movement, some would say that the celebrations are not important at this time. However, it is more important because it shows that the LGBTQ+ community is strong to overcome obstacles (e.g. a pandemic). 

    Here are what members of the community have to say about the situation:

    “The internet has been a lifeline for so many LGBTQ people,” particularly those who are transgender or nonbinary, people of color, youths and rural residents, said Renna, who is helping coordinate Pride events this year

    “It’s almost impossible to not be able to connect with the information, if not the community itself.”

    “What we are trying to do at this difficult time is find a way to celebrate who we are as a community,” said Julian Sanjivan

    What are some events you can attend? 

    Virtual Pride is happening on June 28

    Global Pride is happening on June 27

    Out Now Live is happening on June 22

    Club Quarantine happens every night at 9 pm EST follow their Instagram for zoom pass codes

    What do you think of PRIDE going virtual?

    Let us know in the comments.

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