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    Pride Month 2022: Falling In Love, Getting Married As A Gay Man

    Falling in Love

    Russell fell in love with his husband very quickly. He gushes overs explaining the positive qualities of his beloved partner.

    “He’s kind, intelligent and funny. Not to mention very handsome. He has this adorable shyness that I found so endearing,” Russell said.

    The shyness has mostly gone away with Russell, but he does still see glimpses of it when around new people.

    Russell says that falling in love is funny. He elaborated, “I was single for years before meeting him and met several men with very similar qualities but fell in love with none of them.”

    Russell said that within a month of a new relationship with his future husband, he knew it. This was it.

    “I was hooked,” Russell added.

    NYC State of Mind

    Russell’s husband is from Brazil. He detailed how much the couple is alike than different.

    “To be honest there aren’t really any major cultural differences between us that come to mind. I think he was born to be American,” Russell commented.

    It might seem like their marriage was meant to be, but the relationship continues to grow and to evolve.

    “There have definitely been some adjustments and challenges along the way but I’d imagine that goes with every marriage,” Russell said. I’d do it all over again with this man given the choice.”

    Both are from accepting and open-minded families and live in New York City where same-sex relationships and more recently same-sex marriage have become common place and well-received.

    “We’ve really been very lucky when it comes to these challenges that so many gay couples face,” he said.

    Russell knows the accepting climate of New York City contributes to this.

    “Every straight couple I know was very accepting and very happy when marriage equality passed nationally,” Russell concluded. “I am sure that there are some cases when straight couples have had to reevaluate their feelings on the matter.”

    In honor of Pride Month 2022, HypeFresh celebrates Russell and his confidence to share the story of falling in love.


    1. Congratulations & Blessings to Russell and his husband on their marital journey.

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