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    Paper Route Woo & SnupeBandz Revisit Their Roots With “Boyz N The Hood”

    Truthfully speaking, I don’t ever think I will get over the death of a Young Dolph. It’s truly heartbreaking to lose the life of someone who stood for so much and accomplished things that are unheard of where he’s from. One thing that he built that is still standing tall today is Paper Route Empire. This Memphis-based music label showed the world that you don’t need a major that is backing you to make big-boy moves. Other than Dolph, the member that most people are likely familiar with is Key Glock, but I’m here to change that.

    With all due respect, they need to be talking about Paper Route Woo. Handpicked by Dolph himself, Woo was selected due to his natural hit-making ability. I bet he was on Cloud 9 seeing someone he look up to recognize and praise his music. It obviously lifted his spirits, because he makes the PRE look good and represents them well in his music.

    Tag-Team Action

    Recently, he dropped a joint mixtape, Boyz N The Hood with fellow label mate, SnupeBandz. This is Woo’s first release since contributing to PRE’s Long Live Dolph tribute compilation album. What more can I say about his newest release, other than it’s a hard-ass album? The fact that people aren’t showing love to this project as they should show you how divided/separated the city of Memphis currently is.

    Doing It His Own Way

    Most successors are almost carbon copies of their predecessors. It’s very similar to how Kobe Bryant wanted to be, just like his idol, Michael Jordan. That’s not the case for this project. While they do pay respect to their idol Dolph in various songs. Throughout this 15-song project, they never attempt to replicate any of his typical nuances. Instead, they wanted to seize the moment and make something that best reflected their amazing chemistry.

    The song that has me repeatedly coming back to this project is track #9, “Different Channel”. Produced by 808 Mondo, Mo, and Lotus Cookin, this beat pairs well worth with their verses. It has such an “out-the-gutter”/raw sound to make you feel the hardships these two encountered on their journey. I’m glad that the self-proclaimed “King of Crunk”, Duke Deuce made an appearance on this project. Duke is slowly starting to free himself from his underground status, and “Pop Out” is just another song that supports that he is onto bigger and better things.

    I feel really good about what artists like Paper Route Woo & SnupeBandz are doing for the Paper Route Empire brand. They are carrying the legacy of Young Dolph and helping keep his name alive.

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