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    Posted-Up: Cuddle Season Playlist

    For some mysterious reason, it seemed many people were ready for the autumn season before the summer of 2022 even started. It makes sense that so many would be so death-centric, considering the consistency of the pandemic since 2019. Cuddle it out with these cuffin’ season tracks.

     1. I Slayed Goliath

    Picture this. It’s 2010, and Nicki Minaj runs the world for female rappers. “I fly with the stars in the skies!” Genius says, “this song is all about the whirlwind success of becoming a rapper, and not taking moments for granted.”

    2. We In Paradise

    “Nothin’ like when we lock eyes!” Love is simple. Snoh pours on the sensuality in this loving tune.

    3. Ready For A Miracle

    “Chill until the sun sets!” This understated bop is actual therapy. According to Genius, Every song on Chilombo features crystal alchemy singing bowls as a form of sound healing, and “Magic Hour” is in the key of A, which correlates with the brow or “third eye” chakra.

    4. In-Between The Lines

    Combining new-school songs with old-school samples is undeniably captivating! The desire to embrace and hold onto the music has been evident for decades.

    5. Tadow!

    Some women are truly beautiful, and so are the best jam sessions. A jam session inspired by a pretty gal is a verified God-send. “Talkin’ deadly sin!”

    6. It Was Amazing

    “Am I dreamin’ what I’m seein’?” Sometimes seeing is, “I can’t believe it!” SiR and Masego describe that feeling best.

    7. Higher Than A Moonrock

    “Gotta show you off, but later keep you to myself”. That’s young love for ya! It’s the same at every age.

    8.  Live Your Life

    A soulful new-school rap song. This song is captivatingly optimistic. “Make it right, ain’t no time for no wrongs!”

    9. Little Sucker For Love

    Genius says, 2Pac “was led blind by love but still chose to follow it.” Therefore, the chorus has multiple meanings depending on the storyline being followed. “You tried everything, but you won’t give up!”

    10. Pray You Never Understand

    Genius reports that SZA wrote this song while dealing with serious physical illness. The somber lyrics reflect this tenuous mental state. “Remember me for who I was not who I am!”

    11. That’s What Life Is

    Life is full of difficult choices. This historic collab features rappers who choose to celebrate life’s hardships by getting specific about describing them. “Cutthroat, rabbits toe…”

    12. Binge Watch Sopranos

    As a youthful rapper, Mac Miller’s references were always relevant. This is the anthem for hip-hop cuddle sessions. “Will you stay?”

    13. Yellin’ To The Lord

    “Your clothes off, turn around, let me see!” Though there are rumors that Mac Miller dedicated The Divine Feminine to his lover Ariana Grande, this is the only song Grande has confirmed. Miller and Grande also collaborated on other projects like “The Way”.

    14. Puttin’ Time In

    At this point in the playlist, say good-bye to the mundane. It might even be best to cuddle without the clothes!  “You got me touchin’ on your body!”

    What are you looking forward to this cuddle season? Are you the big spoon or the little spoon? Let us know by leaving a comment!


    1. Yo. I am definitely the little spoon however, I will every now and then submit to being the big spoon.

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