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    Post Credit Scene For Venom Teases Something Huge

    Let There Be Carnage

    During the post credit scene for Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Venom shows awareness of something huge. But, we’re not there yet. First, let’s start at the beginning.

    In the beginning of the scene, Eddie takes Venom to a tropical resort so he can feel the sand in his toes. Moving forward, they are shown lying in bed watching a Spanish telenovela at night. Then, Venom and Brock discuss secrets. So, Brock asks Venom if he had kept secrets from him. Next, Venom states that what all he know would blow his tiny brain. But, Venom asks Eddie if he would like to see a ‘fraction of a second of what his species has experienced?’

    Breaking Down The Scene

    Post Credit Scene for Venom 2
    Maximiliano’s feelings are not being validated.
    Via Sony post Credit scene for Venom 2

    Venom: I love this show. Maximiliano’s feelings are not being validated.

    Brock: Well, he should never have kept such a insane secret, man.

    Venom: We all have a past,  Eddie.

    Brock: Wait… you’re hiding stuff from me

    Venom: 80 billion light-years of hive knowledge across universes will explode your tiny little brain.

    Brock: What does that even mean?

    Venom: Well, let me give you a taste, then. Just a smallest fraction of what we symbiote have experienced.

    Brock: Okay?

    Venom: Ready Eddie?

    Brock: Yeah.


[caption id=
    Post Credit scene for venom 2 shows multiversal changes.
    Via Sony and Marvel

    At that moment, the room lights up and starts fragmenting the same way Into The Spider-Verse did. Apparently, the two of them are transported to another hotel room in a different tropical area during the daytime.

    Venom: What’s happening? What the hell is that? (Referring to a swan shaped towel)

    Brock: That’s just a towel. Where are we? What did you do?

    Venom: It wasn’t me.

    Holy Multiverse, Brock!

    Finally, the TV flickers and shifts into colors until it changes to a newsbroadcast of J. Jonah Jamison, who is reporting about how Peter Parker killed Mysterio. A freeze frame is shown of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker.

    Venom recognizes a certain spider person
    Post Credit scene for venom: let there be carnage demonstrates the symbiote’s awareness of both Peter Parker and Spider-Man.
    Via Sony and Marvel

    Venom licks the TV saying “that guy,’ demonstrating awareness of Peter Parker and Spiderman. Just as this happens, the guy who’s renting the room arrives and asks ‘Dude what are you doing in my room?”

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