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    Police Brutality Strikes a 14 Year Old Teen Girl in Florida

    Police brutality at its finest. When will the terrorizing policing stop!? The video below highlights yet another example of why the black community doesn’t “fuck” trust the pigs.


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    My 14yrs old cousin which is a girl should not have been handled this way!

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    According to the Coral Gables police, her treatment was warranted because she “resisted arrest.”


    Does she look like she’s resisting or submitting? Whatever the reason, a grown man should not be putting his hands on a 14-year-old girl in this manner.


    1. […] In a world where Cops are quick on the draw with their triggers, these two young African-American men were pardoned by the wisdom and teaching of Officer Casuccio. More Police efforts should be made to enlighten our youth in the same manner. Especially in comparison to how many calls are typically handled.  […]

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