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    Phillies 12th Walk-off Win, finish with 3-2 final score.

    Phillies Slow Start

    Honestly, the game started off dull. Both teams failed to score until the 4th inning when the Orioles took the lead (1-0). The Phillies responded in the 6th, tying the game. The 9th inning passed without any scoring, forcing the game into extra innings. The intensity is rising as we approach the final stretch of the 2021 season. October Baseball is approaching.

    Jt is a hometown hero after his 2-run hit

    In the bottom of the 10th inning, with the score at 2-1 in favor of the Orioles, the Phillies had 2 outs. Despite intentionally walking Harper and putting the potential game-winning run on first base, the Orioles still had the upper hand. Facing J.T. Realmuto, widely regarded as one of the best catchers in baseball and a favorite among Phillies fans, the crowd’s excitement was evident. J.T. showcased his skills by hitting a 2-1 changeup into the right field corner. Santana of the Orioles couldn’t retrieve the ball in time, allowing Ronald Torreyes to score and tie the game. Harper sprinted and slid into home plate, beating the throw. The Philadelphia Phillies emerged victorious in extra innings with yet another walk-off win at Citizens Bank Park.

    “I had to go for it. I felt confident in my read and jump. Once I heard the crowd’s roar upon landing, I kicked it up a notch.” – Bryce Harper
    Walk-off Win
    Phillies secure 12th walk-off victory, defeating the Orioles 3-2. Philadelphia Phillies on Twitter.

    Do the Phillies deserve to be in playoff contention?

    Walk-offs are always thrilling, but one can’t help but question if it was necessary in this case. The Phillies should have easily won against a team with a 103-game loss record like the Orioles. It’s quite embarrassing that they struggled to secure a victory. Having to win in extra innings is not only frustrating but also reflects their lack of determination as a team.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, witnessing a walk-off is exciting for fans. However, considering the upcoming playoffs, the Phillies should have dominated the game from the start. I even question if they truly deserve to be in playoff contention. Their performance throughout the season has been inconsistent and unreliable. It’s encouraging to see them stepping up now and fighting for their playoff spot, but there were many games where they seemed unmotivated and lacked the necessary effort. It’s disappointing as a devoted Phillies fan.


    Where we stand

    Only 11 games remain in the 2021 season. The Phillies currently hold a 77-74 record, trailing the Braves by 3 games.

    Where we stand
    J.T. shares thoughts on the remaining 11 games of the season. Phillies clinch 12th walk-off win, defeating the Orioles 3-2. Follow Philadelphia Phillies on Twitter.

    “We need every game,” Realmuto emphasized. “At this stage of the season, being a few games behind the Braves, we can’t afford to lose consecutive games anymore. We must stay focused and come out on top.”

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