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    Paul Weiner Gets Back To Comedy, Life After Mental Health Break

    Paul Weiner Takes Mental Health Break

    Paul Weiner just got back into comedy after taking a mental health break. Mental Health Awareness Month being May hit close to home for Paul who, last December, attempted suicide for the second time. Paul has always experienced a longing for danger born of the greater desire to die.
    After performing at a few open mics, Paul was diagnosed with COVID-19 and subsequently fell into a depression. Paul needed to take a break from performing in order to write, reflect, and soul search. What did he really want out of comedy? What did he really want out of life?
    For Paul, comedy remains an integral part of his recovery process as both a survivor of extreme and ongoing childhood abuse and as a drug addict. For Paul comedy, “it fits right in with being mentally well.”

    Comedy as a Passion

    Paul loves making people laugh. It feels like giving back to him. He believes in laughing at the most life threatening. In fact, he encourages people to laugh about it. Even though he can feel downright awful in the middle of performing a set, stand-up comedy is still an opportunity to escape the self.

    Paul feels similarly about helping someone in their sobriety journey. He might bomb, and they might relapse, but everyone will certainly grow from the love and empathy of the all-consuming experience. “They might not stay clean, but the important thing is that I do.”

    Paul does not believe in censorship. He thinks it’s toxic. He thinks comics “are a huge service to the world. To the mental health of the f****** world!”

    Paul wants the laughter of an audience to feel like an explosive orgasm. He comments, “Where you lose yourself. You forget who you are.” Being clean and sober and still having an out of body experience is profoundly important because Paul believes in feeling the full range human emotions.

    Paul concludes, “Comedy for me is, for the most part, taking my sadness and giving it the middle finger.”

    Paul Loves Female Comedians

    Paul Weiner loves female comedians. He credits the women in his life who opened up about their own sexual assaults with paving the way for him to open up in order to begin his own path of healing. He is tired of female comics being judged and bullied because society feels threatened by them and of their power, but he also admits that the “man-child-ness” of most men does make him more “f*ckable”.

    Paul has found love in the comedy community in Austin, TX. He has witnessed people transform their lives through creativity, but he has also seen even successful comedians continue on in misery. Paul trusts that this is all like any recovery program meaning, the steps work if you work it!


    1. I agree with the other poster: Great follow up piece on Paul.
      I also love this quote from Paul: “Comedy for me is, for the most part, taking my sadness and giving it the middle finger.” Paul, thank you for supporting female comedians as well!

    2. Nice follow up piece on Paul. All the love in the world to you Paul. May your successes outweigh your sorrows!

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