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    Patriot Front Hate Group Marched in Philly on July 3rd

    White Supremacists Marched in Philly on July 3rd

    White supremacist hate group, Patriot Front is the modern day KKK.


    via ABC News
    Screenshot via ABC News

    A large group of white supremacists, approximately 150-200, rooted from Texas marched in Philadelphia 10:45 p.m. on the 3rd of July. The hate group was seen marching across Ben Franklin Parkway, Market, Chestnut and Walnut streets before arriving at Penn’s Landing. This was on the eve of the arrival of local, First Lady, Jill Biden

    In order to appeal to conservatives and “clean” up their image, the group is a rebranded white supremacist group called Patriot Front. White supremacists exercise their freedom of speech and peaceful assembly to promote their backward beliefs, protected by the First Amendment. The Hate Group often uses the hateful rhetoric while leaving a path of vandalization in their wake. The group holds back violence instead hoping to intimidate and keep under the radar with police.

    Vandals: Mural Defaced by Hate group

    Despite, several vandalized George Floyd memorials, including a mural in the Olney section of Philadelphia, police did not announce any arrests. The most recent mural defaced by the hate group was on the corner of 5th and Olney. 

    White supremacist deface mural on 5th and Olney.
    Screenshot via ABC News
    White Supremacists vandalize mural in Olney section of Philadelphia.
    Via ABC News

    Patriot Front, hate group, managed to rile up several people, who were out enjoying their fourth of July weekend. Upon feeling threatened by exposure or arrests, the group set off smoke bombs “to cover their retreat as they fled.”

    Hiding in Plain Sight: Modern KKK

    Modern KKK
    Screenshot via ABC News

    These white supremacists looked like discount department store employees as they marched in khaki pants and blue shirts with white face coverings to hide their identity. The modern day KKK were carrying shields and flags with their emblem, while chanting “Reclaim America” and “The election was stolen.” And, like most hate groups they operate through fear and backwards warped thinking. 

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