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    Oya Baby Taps Trina For Militant New Video “Ride The Stick”

    Oya Baby, a rising star under Flo-rida’s wing, is making waves with her captivating rap, stunning appearance, and irresistible hits. In her latest music video for the single “Ride The Stick,” Oya showcases her own army of confident and curvaceous women. Joining forces with Miami legend Trina, who will be honored as the “I Am Hip Hop” recipient at the upcoming BET Hip Hop Awards, Oya gets her squad ready for action.

    In the music video directed by Alex Acosta, Oya Baby shows off her fierce side as she confidently twerks through boot camp, rapping about her unrivaled skills and irresistible presence. Trina joins in with her signature bold style and charm. It’s a significant moment for Oya Baby, symbolizing her rise to prominence in the Southern music scene in the upcoming months.

    Towards the end of the video, Trina compliments the emerging star on her talent and promising future. “I wish you all the best,” Trina expresses to Oya Baby while atop a tank. “Great things are coming your way. You’re a superstar, and you’re going to dominate. You know I’ve got your back. Now it’s time to enjoy the ride.”

    Oya Baby’s latest single, “Ride The Stick,” comes after her previous release “Ca$h.” In 2021, the Miami artist gained attention with popular freestyles and singles like “Try Me” and “Cinnamon.” The new single sets the stage for her upcoming album, which is currently being crafted and scheduled for release in 2023. “Ride The Stick” is now available on all platforms through International Music Group, Inc.

    “Ride The Stick” is playing frequently on BET Jams. Stay updated on all things Oya Baby by following her on  social media.

    Check out Oya Baby’s new video below and stream it here.

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