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    Old School Hits To Blaze To

    What’s as timeless as marijuana consumption? Rappers have been smoking and making music about it for decades. Check out this list of ganja-inspired throwbacks.

    1. Taking You on a Ride to Another Dimension

    Rappers smoke to ease the severity of street life. Eazy-E keeps things both trippy and gangster in this stoner jam. “Two crooked *** n***** on a cosmic journey/Straight from the planet G.”

    2. Pay up If You Want Some Weed

    Being broke and high is not a good look. It’s best to try to not get stoned if you cannot afford to do so. “Unless you pull out the phat crispy/5 dollar bill on the real before it’s history/Cause ****** be having them vacuum lungs”.

    3. Wanna Stimulate the Mind

    “Gimme dat weed fool and ya zig-zags/Puto, don’t be holdin’ out on the big bag.” Cypress Hill represents for California stoner rap. “East Coast hittin’ that blunt/West Coast hittin’ that honeydip marijuana joint, then I want another hit.”

    4. Nate Dogg Sets the Perfect Vibe

    Nate Dogg keeps it simple in his old school hit. He is confident he knows how to enjoy the time he spends with the woman he loves. “Call me whenever, we can get together/And have us a real good time.”

    5. Love to Blow the Sticky Green

    Devin the Dude keeps it poetic. His lyrics artfully describe his love for the plant. Any hip-hop head who partakes can relate to the beauty of lines like, “sticky green/Frosted leaves/Oh so sweet/I love to blow weed.”

    6. Redman Keeps Smoking on and on

    Redman’s enthusiasm for marijuana shines through with his passionate lyrics. “Hey, I have a small issue, I smoke marijuana excessively. My knees give out when I’m rolling my cigar.”

    Did you know any of these old school hits sound familiar? Will you be adding them to your playlist the next time you roll up?


    1. “I Got 5 On It”… CLASSIC.
      Gonna blaze up later and listen to it on high volume.

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