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    Ohio Baseball team changes offensive Cleveland Indians

    Ohio Baseball team changes offensive Cleveland Indians moniker

    The history of the Cleveland Indians name

    Former Indians, Cleveland baseball team changes its horrendous name. Now, they are called the Cleveland Guardians. Of course, the team kept the same fonts and letter designs. So, not everything changed. And their will be some feeling of familiarity with their new brand. Hopefully, Atlanta will follow suit. If they once and for all, get rid of the tomahawk movement, it will be appreciated.

    Did You Know?

    The origins of the Indians name was not offensive. 

    Did you know that the Cleveland Indians wasn’t meant to be offensive? Initially, the name was supposed to be endearing and inclusive. Actually, the name came after their pitcher,  Ohio native Cy Young, and Louis Sockalexis. Sockalexis was the first Native American player. On the Ohio team, Spiders, he urged everyone to call the team, The Indians. Unfortunately, due to his personal battles, he didn’t stay but the name did.

    How did this all come about?

    Well, It began with a phone call from Dolan to Barren a few days after the murder of George Floyd on May 25, 2020. At the time, the polical climate and the civil unrest that followed spurred the change. Dolan came to the conclusion that it was time to change the name from Cleveland Indians to one that was more positive.

    Indians to Guardians
    NFL Redskins changed their name and Cleveland changes name from Indians to Guardians.

    Unbeknownst the the world, the organization quietly met with a variety of Native American groups. Then, on July 2, 2020, the Washington Redskins announced that they were changing their name. And, it wasn’t completely altruistic but due to pressures from corporate sponsors. On July 3rd, Cleveland knew they had to announce the name change. Fortunately, If they wanted to stay on target and hop on the trend, they had to take action. So, on the 3rd, they tweeted out they would also change their name.

    Cleveland Guardians

    Cleveland changes name from Indians to Guardians.

    Then, of the three names considered, The Guardians, Spiders and Rockers, The Guardians best fit their values as a city. Thus, Cleveland Indians became the Cleveland Guardians.

    Upon the reveal, Dolan spoke about the name change. More specifically, why the organization chose to call themselves, The Cleveland Guardians. Of course, it came down to what values they wanted to be connected with.

    Ultimately, “The Guardian’s Fastball embodies what it means to be Cleveland GuardianS.”

    Also,  “It is inspired by the helmets and wings of the Hope Memorial Bridge’s Guardian statues. and the G purposefully wraps around and guards the baseball.”

    Furthermore, “The split-finger design is a tribute to our strong pitching heritage.”

     Guardians after Ohio's statues
    Cleveland changes name from Indians to Guardians after Ohio’s statues.

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