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    NYPD Officers Given Poison Milkshakes At Shake Shack

    Three NYPD police officers got more than they asked for in their Shake Shack milkshakes.

    After a seemly casual stop for a burger, put three NYPD officers in the hospital. Many people are wondering if this was an accident or an attempted poisoning.

    If cops had an approval rating, it wouldn’t be very high right now. America is in the middle of it’s most recent racially charged era’s and cop’s are the topic of discussion. As citizens across the country engage in civil and uncivil protest, policing as whole is facing extinction.

    The president of the Detective Endowment Association Board of Directors Paul DiGiacomo said the officers were “intentionally poisoned by one or more workers”.

    According to reports the officers were at Shake Shack around 830pm Monday night. After getting their order one of  the officers noted a strange taste while another smelled bleach.

    Not shortly after all three officers fell ill and had to be rushed to the hospital.

    The incident is currently under investigation by the police, and no charges have been filed. Fortunately, all three officers are expected to make a full recovery.

    Cops across the country have had to be extra vigilant as protesters and agitators are beginning to lash out. In a place like the Seattle Autonomous Zone, the police have been forced out. Legislation is being discussed to defund the police, and the microscope is on high as everything police-related is scrutinized.

    The police have a hard job already, and while change is necessary, or are the police.

    However, the broken system of policing with force has to be redone to adjust to the times. Cops are people first and should be treated as such, same is true for black people. The difference between the two is one of those things is one is permanent the other a job. When cops understand that things will be fine.

    What do you guys think about the NYPD officers being poisoned at Shake Shack? Was it intentional?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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