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    NFL 2K is Coming Back Very Very Soon

    The $19.99 beloved sports genre is coming back.

    If you were born in the 90s and loved playing sports games, then you know all about NFL 2k. It was NFL Madden’s only serious competitor. However, due to E.A. games exclusive licensing agreement with the National Football League and Players Inc. They develop, publish and distribute interactive football games. The deal gave E.A. the proprietary rights to the NFL teams, stadiums, and players. This means that NFL 2kBlitz, or any football game that wasn’t under E.A. games had to stop production.

    The last NFL 2k game to come out was NFL 2k5. It was priced at $20 but worth $50. Fans of football enjoyed playing 2K5 football more than the Madden of that year. It was cheap, fun, and just all-around enjoyable. The graphics were great at the time of its release, and the A.I. was tricky. It kept you on your toes and made you believe that you were in a real football game. I mean…they even had a mode where you can play first-person, through the helmet of players. It was awesome!

    News so far

    The release date for NFL 2k is set for 2021. We don’t know who will be on the cover or what features will be on it. This will be the first NFL game to come out in the 2010s since NFL streets or any other E.A. football game. But here is what 2k president, David Ismailer, had to say about the news.

    The NFL is a hugely successful sports brand, renowned for delivering fantastic entertainment for fans. We are excited to partner with the NFL to create multiple video games that offer enjoyable, approachable, and social football experiences. Our aim is to provide authentic, fun, and engaging titles, catering to a more casual market with an evident appetite for such content.

    After hearing this news, fans are sure to come out of the woodworks. I can see there being memes and challenges about the games. Hey, 2k football has yet to experience the social media world. So, let’s see how it works out for their return.

    Are you excited or don’t care? Will you still play Madden or give 2k a shot? Let us know in the comments below. Also, check out all other NFL and gaming news or Hypefresh.

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