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    New York Rapper T-Bruin Goes Back In Time In “Sun-Gazing”

    The day that the state of New York stops producing skillful rappers is the day that hip-hop might actually die. It would be criminal that the state that most consider the birthplace of the genre, be unable to no longer provide any new talent. Luckily, New York rapper T-Bruin is doing everything in his power to keep the legacy alive by embodying everything that we love about New York rap. T-Bruin has such a smooth delivery and when it comes to his lyricism, he truly is a walking encyclopedia, never running out of bars.

    Standing Out

    At one point, it felt like the sound of New York had gotten somewhat repetitive with so many artists stealing each other’s cadences and flow. On top of that, the majority of their artists are more focused on making drill music. As enjoyable as it is to listen to drill music, it is hard to ignore the negative reputation that surrounds drill music. His EP, Stuck on Earth, released earlier this year, felt like such a breath of fresh air, and an escape from all the violence typically found in New York rap.

    Continuing that rollout, T-Bruin recently dropped the cinematic music video for his lead single off the EP, “Sun-Gazing”. Directed by Patrick Downer, this video gives life to the sentiment there is beauty in the struggle. This video is a testament to all rappers that you don’t need fancy cars or a piece of expensive jewelry to tell your authentic story through the way of music videos. The music video feels very nostalgic, as it could have passed for something in 2003. But it still is fulfilling with its message that there is more to life than just living and existing.

    “This (is) my attempt to change the frequencies.” – T-Bruin

    Visual Summary

    The music video follows as Bruin starts and finishes his day. From Bruin sporting a throwback Patrick Ewing Knick’s jersey, utilizing a white tee as a bandana, and hanging out with some friends on the corner, this video fully embraces New York culture. Similar to Ewing, as talented as he is, neither of them gets the proper respect for their contributions to their respective industries. Hopefully, one day the rest of the world will see him for what he is, which is a star in the making .

    Check out the rest of T-Bruin’s discography and watch his growth.

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