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    New Video: “Anybody” – TMG Fresh

    TMG Fresh is ready to put recent news behind him as he makes his 2020 debut in the unveiling of the new music video for new single, titled, “Anybody”. Directed by Chancellor Warhol, the video seeks to introduce FRE$H through the context of a new relationship and establish the fact that he’s not just another, and should be respected as such.

    In front of a larger audience, TMG Fresh displays a more dramatic look than his well-known energetic rockstar attitude that has become the norm. Watch him show a new diversity in the video above. In a drunken-rage, Fresh raps, “I’m not just anybody… You done did me bad, but it’s ok, cause I’ll be fine.”

    Best known for his breakout hit, “Lights Low”. “Anybody” has become a new hit for the thriving recording artist. The new song has helped TMG Fresh accumulated over 42,628 monthly listeners on Spotify.

    Making “Anybody,” Fresh says, “‘Anybody’ is about level-setting – letting whoever, whenever, know that the same ‘ol won’t work with you. I’m not just anybody. I don’t know what or who you’re used to, but let’s be clear. I’m me – take it or leave it.”

    “Anybody” is streaming now on all DSP via TMG Records. For more TMG Fresh music news, follow the West Coast rapper on Instagram and Twitter.

    Anybody TMG Fresh


    TMG FRE$H is a recording artist from the Bay Area in California currently based in Los Angeles. Well versed as a director, TMG FRE$H is a true artist. As a former college athlete, he is no stranger to hard work and pushing the boundaries to reach your goals. After being sidelined by a basketball injury, TMG FRE$H left college and turned his sights on to music/found a new passion in music. He is an artist who is intent on offering a FRE$H Perspective.

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