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    New F**king Awesome Clothing Drop

    F**king Awesome Skateboards Apparel Drop

    This past week there was a new Fking Awesome Skateboards drop. Jason Dill, the owner of FA Skateboards, has a unique vision that is brought alive in the content that his company produces. The most recent release features a range of clothing, skateboards decks, as well as a few other items. Read below to see what you can expect from the latest Fking Awesome drop.

    What to Expect

    In terms of clothing, the release has quality graphics as per usual with FA Skateboards. The graphics give off a dark tone, with mostly black and white images. Although the message isn’t always crystal clear the graphics often seem to reflect the current wild state of the world that we live in.

    F**king Awesome Skateboards FA Skateboards F**king Awesome Drop Jason Dill F**king Awesome clothing
    Graphics for the new FA Skateboards drop via FA’s website

    The drop also included some skateboard decks for team riders such as Kevin Bradley, Elijah Berle, Sean Pablo, and Ave. Along with the apparel and skateboards, there were a few other more random items. This included a towel and blanket with fresh designs. One last item that I personally enjoyed from the release was the FA toothpicks. These might seem a bit out of place, but I always appreciate some creative variety in product.

    What’s New with FA Skateboards

    Throughout the course of quarantine F**king Awesome has been active with new content. This includes releases of apparel and skateboards, as well as short promos for team riders such as Louie Lopez and Elijah Berle. If you’re interested in something a bit longer than you are in luck. It was recently announced on FA’s Instagram page that a new Aidan Mackey video part will be dropping soon.

    In light of the recent tragic occurrences of police brutality, F**king Awesome donated $20k to the Black Lives Matter Movement.

    Final Thoughts

    It is always a treat to see FA release some new content, whether that is apparel with creative graphics, random product like a chainsaw, or videos of quality skating. Unfortunately, the pricing of the product isn’t too cheap. So chose wisely when it comes to what you buy. My favorite item for the latest drop was the product based upon Kevin Bradley’s pro model “World F**king” (pictured in the middle of the image above), as well as some not so typical towels.

    What do you guys have to say though?

    Are you digging the latest release of F**king Awesome clothing? What was your favorite item from the drop? And what are some other clothing companies like FA that you enjoy?

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