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    Netflix Party Lets You Watch Movies Remotely With Friends

    Netflix Party Lets You Remotely Stream With Friends

    People all over the world are staying home and practicing social distancing in attempts to curtail the spread of Coronavirus. Being stuck at home and away from friends and family can definitely get boring. Thankfully there are still many ways to stay entertained or keep in contact with others.

    One way that you can do both is through using Netflix Party. Netflix Party is a fun way to remotely watch movies, tv shows with your friends on Netflix. The service synchronizes the video playback across all devices being used. This allows for one to watch movies or shows with their friends even when they are in different locations.

    How to Use Netflix Play/ What to Expect

    Watching a movie with friends is a fun activity that you don’t have to give up during this social hiatus. Along with synchronizing the video playback across all devices in use, so you and your friends are all watching the content at the same time, there is a group chat where you can send messages.

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    It’s kind of funny that you aren’t with these people, yet are streaming the same thing. Still, I have already used Netflix Party a couple of times since hearing about it, and I feel it’s worth using. My friends and I used FaceTime so we could see each other and communicate during the movies we watched. I still think the group chat feature is a solid option if you’re watching a movie where you don’t want people talking as much. 

    You can install Netflix Party in a few simple steps using this link

    Final Thoughts

    Not being able to see others can be a bummer, but it’s wise to take this virus seriously. Thankfully there are some alternatives when it comes to staying in contact with friends and family or staying entertained in general. A number of streaming services have offered special offers or features during this time. You might as well make the best of an odd situation and still do stuff with friends (in a safe way) such as remotely streaming movies.

    What do you guys think though?

    Does Netflix Party sound like something you’d use? What are some ways you’ve stayed entertained while away from others? And what other activities have you been doing, or could you, with friends during this time of social distancing?


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