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    NBA Players 2k Tournament to Be Held on ESPN

    NBA Player 2k Tournament

    In an attempt to provide some form of sports-related entertainment during this hiatus from sports ESPN will be broadcasting an NBA 2k tournament featuring NBA players. The tournament will begin this upcoming Friday (4/3/20) and will take place over a period of 10 days.

    This is not the first attempt that the NBA has maid at providing some entertainment in the past couple of weeks. A few days ago the Philadelphia 76ers were scheduled to play the Phoenix Suns, but that was before the NBA season was postponed.

    Instead, both teams selected a player to compete against each other in NBA 2k. The Sixers had Matisse Thybulle play against a Sun’s player and provided a live stream of the game. It was actually kind of funny to watch and hear Thybulle’s commentary. I mean you can’t complain too much right now, because what other options are there?

    Who’s Competing in the NBA 2k Tournament

    The tournament will have 16 players from the NBA competing in it. Here is a complete list of whose competing and along with their seeding:

    (1) Kevin Durant vs. (16) Derrick Jones Jr.

    (2) Trae Young vs. (15) Harrison Barnes

    (3) Hassan Whiteside vs. (14) Patrick Beverley

    (4) Donovan Mitchell vs. (13) Rui Hachimura

    NBA Players 2k Tournament-1

    (5) Devin Booker vs. (12) Michael Porter Jr.

    (6) Andre Drummond vs. (11) DeMarcus Cousins

    (7) Zach LaVine vs. (10) DeAndre Ayton

    (8) Montrezl Harrell vs. (9) Domantas Sabonis

    Final Thoughts

    Having no sports to watch is a new and odd thing for many people. People all across the world love watching, playing, and being fans of sports in general. There have been a number of alternatives for people looking for their fill of watching sports these past couple weeks.

    What do you guys think?

    Does the NBA players 2k tournament sound like something you’d be interested in watching? Who do you think will the tournament? And what are other ways you been getting your sports fix recently?

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