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    Michael Jackson’s Pals: He Faked His High-Pitched Voice

    During his life, the King of Pop carefully built an image of being both loved and feared. He used a soft, high-pitched voice for interviews and performances. Yet, according to those who knew him closely, Jackson often had a different voice in private.

    Michael Jackson’s Fake Deep Voice

    In fact, it was a common practice for him to change his tone when speaking with people. He did this as a way to protect himself from potentially hurtful remarks or actions. Back in 2002, Liza Minnelli and David Gest mentioned that Jackson used a deep voice when talking to them.

    They believed this was to maintain his public image and shield his inner self. There were also claims that Jackson would switch to a deeper voice if he felt disrespected. This was likely due to his strong personality and quick temper when his words were misunderstood.

    As time passed, more people started to assert that Jackson’s high-pitched voice was not his true voice. Some theories suggested that his father’s actions or medical treatments might have influenced this. A recently resurfaced video from 1997, where he sang “In The Closet,” showed him using a deeper tone than usual, surprising fans.

    In 2013, a video with his vocal coach Seth Riggs emerged. They discussed the changes in his voice over the years. Riggs mentioned Jackson’s versatility, being able to switch between different vocal styles.

    However, Jackson preferred not to use his regular speaking voice. The family of Michael Jackson is still mourning his loss.

    Meanwhile, his brother Randy is unhappy that the doctor responsible for his death still has a medical license. The doctor is set to face a preliminary hearing in August.


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