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    Mental Health, Violence And The Toll It Takes On Comedians

    Everyone loves a good laugh here and there, but at what cost? Collectively, society somehow think that comedians are these invincible beings who take life and life-like situations as jokes. However, how does the analysis of mental health and violence coincide with comedians? Satire! Making fun of things that are very serious such as violence, traumas and mental health disparities. Let’s take a closer look.


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    Mental Health and Violence vs. Comedic Culture

    On March 27, 2022, Will Smith took the stage twice. One for a standing ovation, another for a jaw dropping, breathtaking act of violence. NPR praised Will Smith for winning his very first Oscar after over 30 years in showbiz. However; before this cathartic moment, Will decided to walk on stage and slap Chris Rock over a harmless joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith. So, when did comedy constitute violence? The mental health of comedians may now become more devastating as a lot of comedians are already battling mental health issues. Making fun of other celebs was once a harmless funny act of acknowledgement; however, sad to say, Will Smith may have set a horrendous tone. Not to take away from Smith, he is a phenomenal and timeless thespian, but unfortunately his emotional and mental health cost him a great deletion of future projects and a membership with the Academy. Prayers for Will Smith, we all make mistakes.

    Verbal Violence is Still Violence

    Rapper T.I out of ATL chooses verbal violence to prosecute comedian Lauren Knight on during during her open mic, “One Knight Only. According to HipHop DX, T.I and his wife Tiny faced sexual assault by a plethora of women in 2021. However, at this point there is no case. After Knight probed a joke while the “U Don’t Know Me” artist sat in the audience, the rapper stormed the stage and snatched the mic from the comedian claiming the allegations are not true and will continue to defend he and his wife. Knight, protecting her mental health stood up for herself saying, “You’re not going to tell me to shut the f*ck up in my sh*t. This my sh*t. Let’s be clear.” But how did this really make the comedian feel? What was the real impact on her mental health during and after the show. This culture of the now society is so easily offended, it is hard to make an innocent joke anymore. Let’s all lighten up, please. Especially as Mental Health Awareness Month has wrapped up.

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