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    Memphis Paid Pat Teams Up With ChaseTheMoney On “Paid Before Pat”

    It’s safe to say Memphis, TN is winning when it comes to rap music. I wouldn’t say they passed ATL, because that city is untouchable, but they’re pretty damn close. Memphis is winning in its own right. By doing things on its terms and staying authentic to its city’s roots, there’s no denying that Memphis has put the world on notice. If you think about it, this isn’t breaking news, it’s more like broken news.

    I know you remember the Memphis legend Project Pat, who was one of the most influential rappers of all time. He’s so legendary that Drake himself had to put him on his long-awaited Certified Lover Boy album. But let me introduce you to the future of Memphis rap, Paid Pat. Both Pats have undeniable talent, except this one, who is younger and hungry to make his name known.

    No Cosign Needed

    Easier said than done, Paid Pat took the risk to get where he’s at. In an interview, he explained how running into rapper Waka Flocka in public changed the projection ofhis career. They formed a relationship, and Pat made the most of the opportunity. Even without the co-sign, I think Pat was going to find a way to make things happen. Because all he raps about is how money is on his mind and the various methods of acquiring it.

    Finally, he has blessed the streets with some new music, dropping his long-awaited project, Paid Before Pat. Coming from humble beginnings, he shows you how he transitioned to a life of luxury. Just look at the lead single, “Put That Sh*t On” featuring fellow rising Memphis artist CoCash. It’s nothing but big stepper energy from these two. The confidence/enthusiasm that Pat exerts on this track is incredible. That’s not the only braggadocios track. You better believe he was feeling himself to the fullest on this project.

    Paid His Dues

    Another one of my favorites is “Stanky Stanky” featuring K Carbon. This song coincidentally samples Project Pat’s hit song “Ballers”. It’s only right he sampled a song that embodies that Memphis spirit. Did I mention that this project is all produced by ChaseTheMoney? He’s probably one of the elite producers in the trap genre, and he unleashes a different side to his production for this project. All the beats slap harder than Will Smith did Chris Rock. Most importantly, they all complement Paid Pat’s ambitious aspirations that do nothing but reinforce he is in a league of history own. Only he could’ve rapped on those beats because he has an irreplaceable and incomparable flow.

    Mark my words, Paid Pat has a promising feature ahead of him. Be sure to follow Paid Pat on Instagram.


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