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    Mel B Shows Her Strength After Joining Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test

    Fox kicked off its new year with a reality show called Special Forces: World’s Toughest Testing and it was a grueling experience for the celebrities who took part. In the first episode, former America’s Got Talent judge Mel B joined the show to help heal her from an abusive marriage. The cast was put through a series of extreme challenges in the name of survival, but at least these stars had the support of former Special Forces soldiers!

    The former Spice Girl hasn’t had it easy, but Mel B says she’s finding her strength again. After undergoing military training on Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test, she says she’s feeling empowered to overcome her abusive former relationship and live a more peaceful life.

    Throughout the show, she was impressive, surviving challenges like diving under water and completing an aggression test where she had to attack an instructor protected by heavy padding. She also got a pat on the back after she successfully completed a challenge.

    One of the most harrowing challenges was a car dunk where candidates had to keep their hands on the steering wheel of an underwater vehicle for 20 seconds while keeping their breath under water. Another challenging challenge included a walk through a trench.

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