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    Meet Nanu Alidina: The Hazy Mysterious Artist On Our Radar

    In a day and age where Canadian rapper Drake appears to have a stranglehold on the North American music industry, Nanu Alidina, is set to become the next Canadian to crossover into the American music mainstream scene.

    A rapper and producer, Alidina has been interested in music since the tender age of nine. Born in Toronto, like Drake, he currently travels within the city to create his music. He cites Drake, Asap Rocky, G-Eazy, and Kendrick Lamar as his musical influences.

    But, Alidina described his sound as a “hazy, mysterious aura fused with a rap-style that ranges from soft and melodic to hard and aggressive” However, he’s always able to maintain the abstract image he sets out to establish.
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    Only 16 tracks in, Alidina has managed to snag just under 1,200 Soundcloud followers with his most played track “6 Gang” obtaining just over 30,000 plays. In fact, his first three track uploads obtained at least a 11,000 plays with “Somewhere in Toronto” receiving around 11,600 and “Dependencies” receiving approximately 16,400.

    The aforementioned “6 Gang” and “Somewhere in Toronto” tracks can be found on his debut album Somewhere in Toronto released last year, available on Apple Music and Spotify.
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    Additionally, his eight uploads on YouTube has lead to just over 134,000 views, and 303 subscribers. Aldina’s latest track “Feeling Ways” produced by Chicago’s own MARTIN $KY. released on May 19th, embodies his philosophy maneuvering thru the music industry, don’t give a f***.
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    Still coming up in the industry, Aldina is very vocal about his disinterest in obtaining co-signs for validations.

    “I’m happy to be in the lane that I’m in,” Aldina said. “I feel no type of way about other rappers or anyone for that matter trying to knock me for what I do, it actually makes me smile.”
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    The track will appear on his upcoming EP Deep Waters which will be produced by MARTIN $KY, KYLOH, CAB:316, SOLRA, and more.

    Check out the single here.

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