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    Meet Rookie2x: The Rising Star Prodigy of Louisiana

    For music, Louisiana recording artist Rookie 2x claims his brother, Shou Supreme, as the main source of inspiration.

    While growing up, he watched his elder brother record music from a microphone that hung from the ceiling. Nevertheless, growing up, his brother’s music provided him with the much-needed push to start working on his music career in December 2018. Following the mentorship, Rookie2x’s entire life has revolved around music. The professional musician and aspiring rapping sensation from Louisiana is also an entrepreneur and a successful owner of two big companies, GlobalPressUSA and IndustryPlug101 (with the third one in the making). With the promise of awesome music dropping soon, the aspiring musician has so much more coming up.

    His album “Calm Before the Storm” has been a massive success and can be listened to all over the internet, Spotify, and YouTube. Raised in Leesville, the rapper initially started recording from his bedroom. Gradually, big labels recognized his talent, which landed him a massive deal (2.2 million) with Atlantic records. Instead of accepting the offer, the aspiring rapper from Leesville worked for talent instead of caving into money. For the rapper, it has never been about money. It is all about life, the raw world, and his passion for hip-hop and producing something that he can be proud of and leave behind after he is no more.

    Rookie 2x recalls recording his first song, “Buddies,” at 14-years-old, which was initially recorded over the instrumental version of “Vans.” Along with his brother, Rookie2x refers to his producer, JordanLivinGood, as a major influence regarding music.

    Rookie2x has turned down plenty of record deals. He believes that musicians are greatly under-appreciated and his music is not for sale nor be weighed by money alone. This factor has also been one of the artist’s greatest challenges, which he is still trying to overcome today. Independently, Rookie2x has ascended to the heights of selling similar volumes as the artists on labels that’ve attempted to sign him to a record deal.

    Crediting his popularity to his brother, Rookie2x is not like any other rapper in the industry – he wants listeners to consume his music — and enjoy it. He wants his listeners to keep pursuing their dreams and learn from the rapper’s mistakes. Soon, fans will receive Rookie’s new single “Elevated Music”, which will be dropping late-2021. Seeing music as a therapy session, he states that the microphone has been his favorite outlet to release his feelings and emotions.

    In other words, music is the best therapy session. Stream the artist’s popular tracks below.

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