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    Fuck You Thought? Meek Mill Wasn’t Gonna Have Words For Nicki?

    Meek Mill is back to being petty, and this time it’s aimed at his ex.

    Overall, we knew that it was only a matter of time until the Philly rapper spoke on some indirect shots taken at him. A while ago “Queen” Nicki took shots at several rappers in the game on a track called Barbie Dreams. Above all, the track mentions a lot of close former friends which included Meek and Drake. Yesterday Houston Rockets star James Harden shared a brief snippet with Instagram. Right away Instagramers thought that it was shots at his ex Nicki Minaj and her current boyfriend Kennet Petty.

    The Overall Meek Mill Nicki Minaj Beef

    In the intro, Meek goes right in speaking on the betrayal of the Young Money star. Futhermore, late last year Nicki introduced the world to her new boy toy Kenneth Petty. Nicki claimed her lover is Super Dick, but we know she misses Meek. In additioln we saw a different side of the female rapper in Instagram clips with her boyfriend. It got to the point where Nicki Minaj might as well released the porn tape.

    “This s—t beyond me,” he raps (via Genius). “You was supposed to be my Beyoncé / Now you this n—a fiancée? What? / F—k you mean you feel a connection? / listen to you, what? / This n—a wear Balenciaga with bootcut jeans / What the f—k you losing your mind? Ayo, call my f—king / phone back yo.”

    After people started to chatter, Meek put an end to all the questioning. He stated that the song was not about Minaj. However, the two dated from 2015 to 2017 before Meek faced a cruel sentencing that landed him in jail. Overall the Meek Mill Nicki Minaj feud needs to end at some point.

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    1. […] The NY rapper has had a hell of a career thus far and still has plenty of fans wanting more music. At a certain point you do have to ask given that she’s getting older will she be having kids anytime soon. Ever since the introduction of her boo Kenneth Petty, everyone has thought the same thing. Furthermore, just yesterday music fans were in shock because of her ex getting ready to release a song about her. You really thought Meek Mill wasn’t gonna have words for Nicki. […]

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